Road Constuction

Road construction began Jan 27, 2020
and will continue for 20 months
Note: Business access road open (eastbound only) at Norris Avenue - look for signs posted

See maps below for parking options

Alternate route

*Off South Kino Parkway turn east onto

13th Street.

*Then make left onto South Olsen Ave. *There is a parking lot designated for 2030 E Broadway (east side of street).


Look for the sign on the east side of Olsen near the Solar Powered Office building.

More photos below

Street overview.jpg

13th Street

S Olsen Ave

Building front pic.jpg
Street corner pic.jpg
Olsen pic.jpg
Parking pic.jpg

Street parking available along

S Olsen Ave

Designated parking lot available

on east side of S Olsen Ave

Look for the sign

And parking behind the building 

(Solar Powered Offices)