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$80 - 1 hour session   

$120 - 90-minute session 

$150 - 2 hour session   

Note: Trip charge of $20 is applied to mobile visits.

$45 per half-hour (in-office visits only)  

New Client Special

New Client
Introductory Price

Includes free 15-min consultation & 60-min session

Pricing for all services

This is a non-manipulative form of healing touch. Meaning the hands gently touch the area which needs healing. In some cases where the person is in pain or sensitive to touching, a hands-off technique is used. The practitioner will direct the Universal Life Energy into the client and the healing begins. All sessions start with an energy balancing of the seven major Chakras and is followed by custom treatment according to the clients needs.

(Can include enhancements such as crystals, sound/music, and/or aromatherapy, if the client desires)

Access Bars®

Unlock and unblock the limitations that hold you from being your best and enjoying life to the fullest. By gently touching and holding 32 points on the head, thought patterns, belief systems, feelings, attitudes, etc., that are no longer functioning can be released. In doing this, space is created for life to come with more ease, joy and glory. This is a great way to begin your journey toward wellness and is a perfect precursor to a Reiki treatment. Click here for more info.

90-minute session is highly recommended for this service (especially your 1st session).

Half-hour sessions are not available for this service.


Crystal Healing

This form of healing draws on the natural vibration of crystals, stones, and gems. The crystals are placed on the body and a pendulum is used to remove negativity and replace it with positive energy for good health and wellbeing. Each session is completely customized for the benefit and highest good for the client. This healing modality can be a wonderful energy booster for tiredness or a relaxing experience for the stressed.



Bio-Touch is "just touch". It is a skin-on-skin healing modality in which two fingers on each hand are used to touch specific points on the head, torso, and limbs. This feather-light touch stimulates the body to heal itself. Any and all pains, conditions, ailments and injuries can be addressed with the loving touch of Bio-Touch. It is a great compliment to your current medical program. Click here for more info.

Note: Because this is a skin-to-skin contact technique, shirts need to be removed (ladies will wear bra or bikini top in order to obtain full access to treatment areas)

Please note: A complete session (all points & local work) generally only takes 30-40 minutes. Your 1-hour session will be rounded out by utilizing another modality after the completion of the Bio-Touch portion. Or you may choose to concentrate on the particular area of concern and completing your session in 30 minutes. Reiki and/or crystal therapy are great compliments to your Bio-Touch session and adds an extra element of relaxation.

Access Bars® healing


"Hello, wanted to check in and let you know that the session yesterday was amazing. Thank you for helping me facilitate healing. I feel lighter and so peaceful today. I would say it was a profound experience with a major shifting in energy."


"Hi Michelle. I wanted to reach out and let you know that the one Access Bars session was really powerful. It seemed to have helped alot with side affects from a head trauma I had 3 years ago. Thanks again.


Crystal healing
Reiki for children
Michelle will be out of the office May 15-21

Trapped Emotion Release

Do you have aches and pains that have no medical reason for its presence? You may have emotions trapped in your cell memory that need to be released. These trapped emotions may not even be in your consciousness. This technique uses magnets and/or vibrational tools to erase emotions that are trapped in cell memory. Trapped emotions can be a result of trauma, DNA passed on by parents and ancestors, and/or past life experiences. Through body response, Michelle can detect specific emotions that no longer serve your best and highest good.. Then, that emotion is released and healing can occur.

Jin Shin coming soon

"I want to share with you that because of the work you did on my healing I am learning Access Bars here in Michigan. Thank you so much for everything!"


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Card Reading

Card reading is a great way to get insight into problems and can offer guidance to remedying them. Michelle offers readings that include the client's personal card preferences and allows for a conversation between her, the client and the messages from the cards and Spirit.

Please note: Michelle is a certified Angel card reader.

Card readings with Michelle are used for gentle guidance - not fortune telling.



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