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This is a non-manipulative form of healing touch. Meaning the hands gently touch the area which needs healing. In some cases where the person is in pain or sensitive to touching, a hands-off technique is used. The practitioner will direct the Universal Life Energy into the client and the healing begins. All sessions start with an energy balancing of the seven major Chakras and is followed by custom treatment according to the clients needs.

(Can include enhancements such as crystals, sound/music, and/or aromatherapy, if the client desires)

$65 per hour per client (in-office, mobile vistis*)

Note: *Trip charge of $20 is applied to mobile visits.

$35 per half-hour (in-office visits only)





Access Bars®

Unlock and unblock the limitations that hold you from being your best and enjoying life to the fullest. By gently touching and holding 32 points on the head, thought patterns, belief systems, feelings, attitudes, etc., that are no longer functioning can be released. In doing this, space is created for life to come with more easy, joy and glory. This is a great way to begin your healing journey and is a perfect precursor to a Reiki treatment.

$65 - 1 hour session (in-office, mobile visits*)

$95 - 1 1/2 hour session

$125 - 2 hour session

Note: *Trip charge of $20 is applied to mobile visits.

Half-hour sessions not available for this service


Crystal Healing

This form of healing draws on the natural vibration of crystals, stones, and gems. The crystals are placed on the body and a pendulum is used to remove negativity and replace it with positive energy for good health and wellbeing. Each session is completely customized for the benefit and highest good for the client. This healing modality can be a wonderful energy booster for tiredness or a relaxing experience for the stressed.

$65 per hour per client (in-office, mobile visits*)

Note: *Trip charge of $20 is applied to mobile visits.

$35 per half-hour (in-office visits only)


"The Reiki Session with Michelle at Bright Way Wellness was awesome. I have been fighting ovarian cancer August 2002. This was my 2nd session with Michelle after a chemo treatment the day before. I had so much energy and recovered quickly after the treatment. Instead of a 4 day recovery, it was 2 days."

Margaret R.


Bio-Touch is "just touch". It is a skin-on-skin healing modality in which two fingers on each hand are used to touch specific points on the head, torso, and limbs. This feather-light touch stimulates the body to heal itself. Any and all pains, conditions, ailments and injuries can be addressed with the loving touch of Bio-Touch. It is a great compliment to your current medical program.

Note: Because this is a skin-to-skin contact technique, shirts need to be removed (ladies will wear bra or bikini top in order to obtain full access to treatment areas)

$65 per hour per client (in-office, mobile visits*)

Note: *Trip charge of $20 is applied to mobile visits.

$35 per half-hour (in-office visits only)

"Michelle is absolutely amazing. She is knowledgeable, professional, and intuitive. I noticed a drastic change my first session. She knows the art of Reiki and her healing hands apply it. I highly recommend her to any one and every one seeking healing."

Amanda G.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a gentle therapy used to assist the client in reconnecting with past life experiences. This can include past experiences in this lifetime and/or previous lifetimes. This technique uses inner guidance to help with understanding the Self and problematic patterns, find solutions to troubling situations, heal emotional trauma, overcome bad habits and fears, and so much more. The client is guided through gentle imagery back to a place and time appropriate for the insight needed to recognize and heal that situation.

$65 per hour per client (in-office, mobile visits*)

Note: *Trip charge of $20 is applied to mobile visits.

$35 per half-hour (in-office visits only)

"Dale is more alert, they took him off the vent :) Put a speaking valve on, thanku so much!

Denise R.

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Trapped Emotion Release

Do you have aches and pains that have no medical reason for its presence? You may have emotions trapped in your cell memory that need to be released. These trapped emotions may not even be in your consciousness. This technique uses magnets and/or vibrational tools to erase emotions that are trapped in cell memory. Trapped emotions can be a result of trauma, DNA passed on by parents and ancestors, and/or past life experiences. Through body response, Michelle can detect specific emotions that no longer serve your best and highest good.. Then, that emotion is released and healing can occur.

$65 per hour per client (in-office, mobile visits*)

Note: *Trip charge of $20 is applied to mobile visits.

$35 per half-hour (in-office visits only)

Card Reading

Card reading is a great way to get insight into problems and can offer guidance to remedying them. Michelle offers readings that include the client's personal card preferences and allows for a conversation between her, the client and the messages from the cards and Spirit.

$1.00 per minute (10 minute minimum)



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